New York, NY —  LawGeex today announced the launch of its Professional Services division, a new offering from the industry’s first AI-powered Contract Review Automation (CRA) solution designed to deliver industry insights, educational and advisory services to clients.

LawGeex ProServ leverages the value of LawGeex’s deep industry knowledge to help customers realize untapped business potential from the right technology. It includes:

  • Seminars and lectures on topics addressing AI and automation, contract acceleration, and practical tips to deliver higher quality legal services
  • Tailored advisory services to develop a winning strategy for improving workflows and optimizing technology at scale, with speed and certainty across an entire organization

LawGeex CEO and Co-Founder Noory Bechor notes that true digital transformation of contracting depends on contract readiness:

“Our clients often come to us for additional support and guidance around contract processes and technologies, outside of contract review and negotiation. Contract review automation tools are a quick and ongoing win for companies, requiring very little change management or implementation time. But other legal technologies, like CLMs, often require a much more thoughtful approach, as they require a more significant investment of time and moneyDepending on an organization’s existing processes and tech stack, most companies require additional support and guidance to implement those.”

Heading up the new offering is regulatory compliance specialist and Director of Professional Services at LawGeex, Judi Crimmins, who holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of London.

LawGeex ProServ helps clients address the importance of discovery, such as how to identify common bottlenecks and strategies for overcoming them, the role AI and automation play in contract acceleration, and practical considerations to help legal teams avoid mistakes and manage expectations in choosing the right contract tech solution.

“Ultimately, we’re designing solutions for clients who are faced with a widening array of challenges and responsibilities relating to the contracting process, and are drowning in a sea of legal technology solutions all seeming to offer similar outcomes,” said Crimmins. “Legal tech disruption starts with unhappy lawyers, not technology. We designed LawGeex ProServ as a response to frustrated clients – to assist with their contracting journeys and provide clarity in the complex world of legal tech.”

This exclusive offering is available for clients of the leading CRA solution as a complimentary value of service. Clients can join the waitlist and learn more by contacting their dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Sameena Kluck
LawGeex Director of Brand Evangelism


New York, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 — Today marks an important milestone for LawGeex, the leader in Contract Review Automation (CRA) that’s on a mission to transform the way legal teams work. LawGeex is proud to announce that it has received notice from the United States Patent Office declaring that its patent has now been granted in the category of text analysis in general and legal documents analysis in particular.

The patent for “System and Method In Support of Digital Document Analysis” covers a proprietary algorithmic component in LawGeex’s Contract Review Automation solution that performs contextual analysis of contracts. This is achieved through a deep understanding of the unique legal language, found in the contract, and the policies, objectives, and perspectives of the contracting parties. This unique approach allows the LawGeex solution to capture and address nuances in contracts that no other tool can, thereby eliminating the need to trade off the quality, speed, and costs of contract review.

“There’s a fundamental difference between making technical modifications to contract text and actually analyzing it. For example, the same purchase agreement will be analyzed and negotiated differently when considered from the perspective of the seller than when considered from the perspective of the buyer,” said LawGeex Co-founder and CTO, Ilan Admon.

Having reviewed millions of legal documents, LawGeex’s proprietary AI has been built from the ground up around the unique and highly nuanced legal language that makes up contracts. The technology identifies discrete legal concepts within a contract the way an experienced attorney would.

At the core of LawGeex’s tech stack is a Contextual AI engine that understands not just the language of the contract, but the intent and objectives of the parties to it. This approach to analyzing legal language is the same as a human lawyer’s – always taking into account the client’s policies and objectives. With every additional contract LawGeex reviews, new patterns are recognized and the engine continues to evolve and grow in context. This in turn can extend the capabilities beyond contract review to data-driven contract negotiation.

“As the pioneer of the CRA category, LawGeex prides itself on providing legal teams with a technology that is 10 times faster than a lawyer, more cost-effective, and – most importantly – at very high quality, as demonstrated by our new patent. This is a significant milestone in our journey to transform contracting work,” concluded Noory Bechor, LawGeex’s Co-founder and CEO.