AI with a human touch

By working together, humans and AI bring out
the best in each other: the speed, scalability,
and consistency of AI with the domain
knowledge and legal expertise of humans. For
ultimate accuracy and transparency, your
business needs both.

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Lawgeex was created by lawyers, for
lawyers. And that’s why our AI has been
designed to think like an experienced
attorney. It’s been taught to proceed with
caution, applying the same risk-averse
principles as you.
And because no AI is 100% accurate,
our managed-AI approach combines
the best of human and machine

Next-level analysis

Because we’ve reviewed millions of contracts, our AI has developed a legal brain of its own. It understands legal concepts and actually analyzes legal language the same way a human lawyer would - with enhanced speed and accuracy. We’ve reviewed millions of legal documents and turned that knowledge into AI gold.

Contextually clever

Our AI leverages thousands of pre-built legal concepts to understand nuanced legal language in every contract – even if the meaning is there but the words aren’t, and even if we’ve never reviewed your contract before. Then it applies redlines according to your legal policy to fix issues in your contract in a way no other tool can.

Quality without the cost

Powerhouse commercial lawyers and award-winning technologies meet to go beyond the realm of what our AI has been taught, accurately capturing your legal policies within the context of each contract and matching the output of an experienced in-house lawyer.

Zero compromise on quality

Businesses that need accuracy choose us. Every contract we review includes a Legal QA process to bridge any knowledge gaps while continually training our AI to constantly enhance performance. While our solution saves time and money, this is never at the expense of quality.

Endless innovation

Legal QA trains the algorithm by feeding real-world learnings, new concepts, and contract types back into the system. With every contract we review, new patterns are recognized and our engine continues to evolve and grow in context, becoming smarter and smarter every day. That’s the beauty of machine learning.

Why Lawgeex?

Quality without the cost

The quality of our review is ensured by the AI while saving 90% costs and 80% time

Absolute accuracy

Our AI achieved 94% accuracy compared to 84% from lawyers.

Breadth and depth

We’re constantly training the AI, making it stronger by expanding the types of contracts being reviewed

Lawgeex's Impact

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Lawgeex Report

reveals a 209% ROI and over 6500+ hours

saved in contract review and negotiation.


The power of automation

Find out how GE Power Conversion leverages Lawgeex

to drive operational efficiency and do more with less.


Reduced turnaround time

Discover how a leading pharmaceutical supplier

slashed contract turnaround time by 85%.


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