Get control over
your contracts

Our bots are good for business; analytics give
you the power to see more and do more,
making data-driven decisions about your
legal policies and streamlining the
negotiation process.

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Understand what’s in your contracts

Our technology goes beyond basic natural language processing to capture and analyze contract data that helps you make data-driven decisions.

Crystal-clear oversight

Powerful analytics provide greater visibility over your contracts, helping you to see the different types of contracts reviewed, number of reviews, and type of legal issues that are most frequently redlined or negotiated.

Better business decisions

Greater visibility helps to decrease escalations and optimize your contracts, taking the emotion out of decision-making and replacing it with tangible data. It also means you can make changes to your playbook based on which clauses are negotiated most often to reduce friction and remove unnecessary contract hurdles.

Visualized reports

Inform decisions with powerful project summaries and analytics dashboard capable of delivering real-time reports.

Why Lawgeex?

ROI you can measure

Our metrics have a major business impact, showing the amount of money and time you’ve saved.

Always in the know

You can monitor your team members and their workload, helping keep an eye on your business and direct the scale of its capabilities.

Lawgeex's Impact

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Lawgeex Report

reveals a 209% ROI and over 6500+ hours

saved in contract review and negotiation.


The power of automation

Find out how GE Power Conversion leverages Lawgeex

to drive operational efficiency and do more with less.


Reduced turnaround time

Discover how a leading pharmaceutical supplier

slashed contract turnaround time by 85%.


See Lawgeex in action

The best way to unlock the value of our solution is to experience it for yourself.

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