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So what is Contract Review
Automation (CRA)?

Attorneys don’t put themselves through the blood, sweat, and
tears of law school to wade through repetitive contracts all day long. So we figured there must be a better way to do things.

CRA technology harnesses the power of AI to help in-house legal teams automate the contract review process during the pre-signature phase.

Automating the process takes the friction out of the deal-making
for faster collaboration between counter-parties. Our technology
can diagnose, redline, and fix contractual issues during
live negotiation while reducing risk.

CRA works best for routine, high volume, low-to-medium
complexity agreements such as NDAs, SLAs, SOWs,
framework agreements, supply agreements, and others.

The CRA process begins by setting up a digital playbook, using your
existing playbooks and/or existing contracts. A CRA playbook acts as a
review guideline so that new contracts can be assessed against
positions such as standard and fallback language.

Let’s take a closer look

There are three levels of CRA functionality:

Level I: Report card

Assigns risk level to various clauses so you know which ones to focus on.

Level II: Suggested changes

Provides replacement language suggestions and highlights which sections should be deleted.

Level III: Surgical redlining

Reviews and redlines contracts, including first- and third-party paper, and subsequent iterations required to get the contract ready for signature.

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