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Who we are

Noory Bechor, our co-founder and CEO, had been working in corporate law for 8 years when he identified a crucial problem holding legal back: contract review and negotiation.

On a business level, cumbersome contracting slowed down the deal making process. And on a personal level, wading through endless contracts did not feel like a satisfying use of the knowledge and skills he had acquired at law school.

While AI and machine learning were still in their early phase of adoption, Noory realized that if he could teach the tech to understand legal language, he could solve a huge cause of friction for legal departments across the world. From there, he partnered with his school friend and now CTO, Ilan Admon, an AI guru with the technical expertise to help make Noory’s vision a reality. Together, they founded Lawgeex.

Lawgeex quickly became an innovator and disruptor in the legal space, establishing legal tech as an industry vertical and Contract Review Automation (CRA) as a category for the very first time. While many had dismissed their idea as impossible, Noory and Ilan understood the true, untapped potential of CRA.

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What we do

We use Artificial Intelligence to relieve corporate attorneys from the daily tedium of contracting; with more time and creative energy, they can use their expertise to add more value and make a bigger strategic impact on their business.

We’ve reviewed millions of contracts, expanding our AI’s capabilities to match the output of a human lawyer. Lawgeex harnesses contextual intelligence to understand legalese, accurately reviewing contracts, improving negotiation and accelerating approval at scale.

Lawgeex is the smartest way to delegate contract review today.

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Our investors

Lawgeex's Impact

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Lawgeex Report

reveals a 209% ROI and over 6500+ hours

saved in contract review and negotiation.


The power of automation

Find out how GE Power Conversion leverages Lawgeex

to drive operational efficiency and do more with less.


Reduced turnaround time

Discover how a leading pharmaceutical supplier

slashed contract turnaround time by 85%.


Advisory board

Our advisory board oversees the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management in the efficient and ethical operation of Lawgeex on a day-to-day basis.

  • Yonahan Aumann

  • Lucy Endel Bassli

  • Amir Milo

  • Bruce Alan Mann

  • Edward Rock

  • Mohan Sawhney

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