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  • 80%

    80% time is saved reviewing and approving contracts


    3x faster deal-
    closing time


    90% cost saved compared
    to manual approaches


    Change management

    Contract review automation

    Our contract review automation solution is an industry-first, using patented AI technology to review and redline legal documents based on your predefined policies.

    Unlike other solutions that only flag unacceptable or missing clauses, Lawgeex understands the contractual context as well as your position.

    Our technology makes redlines to the contract and negotiates with the counterparty – just like an experienced attorney, but with enhanced speed and accuracy.

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    Lighten the load

    We act as an extension of your legal team, giving you more consistent contract review in a fraction of the time. Our game-changing solution automatically reviews and surgically redlines contracts according to your company’s policies – like an attorney, with increased speed and precision.

    Get tailored contract review, specific to your business’s legal concepts

    We turn your positions, risks and guidelines into digital legal playbooks to standardize how contracts are reviewed and negotiated across your organization, so you can experience consistency across the board.

    Combine patented technology with dedicated experts

    Our best-in-class approach to AI provides an added layer of consistent, error-free review, so you can get the best out of artificial intelligence.

    Make data-driven decisions about your business

    By using our platform, you’ll gain metrics and insights which quantify the return you’re getting on our partnership as well as the efficiency of your team, helping you make more informed decisions about your legal policies while streamlining the negotiation process.

    Lawgeex's Impact

    Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of Lawgeex Report

    reveals a 209% ROI and over 6500+ hours

    saved in contract review and negotiation.


    The power of automation

    Find out how GE Power Conversion leverages Lawgeex

    to drive operational efficiency and do more with less.


    Reduced turnaround time

    Discover how a leading pharmaceutical supplier

    slashed contract turnaround time by 85%.


    See Lawgeex in action

    The best way to unlock the value of our solution is to experience it for yourself.

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