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Our Geex are made up of initiators who collaborate across departments to create impact and grow together. Thanks to them, LawGeex is leading the legal world through innovation.

I get tired of repetition quickly and as a former lawyer, this was a daily struggle. Switching over to legal tech and LawGeex, I'm now a part of the product team that is at the forefront of changing the legal industry from the ground up - placing lawyers at center stage. No more mundane tasks - only high impact actions. We're disrupting an age-old industry and that makes me (and everyone here) super excited.

Ido Oren, Senior Product Manager
Hi, I'm Manson, and I'm a recovering lawyer. I love working at LawGeex because I'm able to unearth the daily struggles other lawyers go through, offering them a practical solution that allows them to focus on more strategic matters. The legal industry is ripe for disruption, and LawGeex has positioned itself at the forefront of legal tech.
Manson Ho, Sales Representative
Being a recent software engineering graduate, I was looking for my first position which would allow me to apply my new knowledge. At LawGeex, I have found that and more. We are building innovative technology, and the platform I am involved in developing is helping me hone and expand my software skills. Best of all, the people are great and LawGeex has become like a second home.
Tal Rosentzweig, Full Stack Engineer

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