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Contract Review Automation

The LawGeex Contract Review Automation enables anyone in your business to easily submit and receive approvals on contracts without waiting for the legal team. Our A.I. technology reads, reviews and understands your contracts, approving those that meet your legal team's pre-defined criteria, and escalating those that don’t. Legal can maintain control and mitigate risk while giving other departments the freedom they need to get business moving.

  • Fast turnaround - 80% time saved reviewing and approving contracts
  • Custom Workflows fit in with your existing business size and structure
  • Increase efficiency between departments by unblocking legal bottlenecks

Interactive Contract Reports

Interactive contract reports quickly pinpoint any discrepancies, helping your legal team turnaround contracts faster. We recognize if any clauses are rare, missing, or potentially problematic, and provide a plain English report that lets your colleagues know exactly what they’re signing.

  • Interactive contract reports with recommended fixes
  • Legalese translated into simple English
  • Customisable clause explanations that maintain uniformity and empower better decisions

Smart Standard©

Automatically review other people's comments on your standard contracts. When you accept or reject others’ edits our platform will learn your preferences for the future, making the feedback loop faster each time.

  • Learns from your decisions, getting smarter and faster with every review
  • Easy-to-use interface for reviewing comments and discrepancies
  • Exports to a red-lined document with your changes
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Premium Service and Support

We’re here for you every step of the way, from setting your legal playbook and workflows, to training new staff on our platform. Our customers enjoy direct communication with dedicated account managers and support from expert US lawyers.

  • Start using LawGeex quickly, no installation or IT support needed
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help you every step of the way
  • Every report is checked by qualified US lawyers for quality and accuracy

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